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Underpinning all successful learning is a safe and happy young person. The school’s Strategic Plan begins with strategies that support relationships for learning and assists students to develop the skills of personal leadership.

In the Secondary school years, there are many challenges to be faced by adolescents and young adults. At Woodville High School, we recognise this and have introduced a number of important programs to support your son or daughter to successfully meet the challenges

Support in the transition from primary school

Students who have been successful in their primary school years sometimes feel disoriented when they join the larger school community of a secondary school. To support our young students in this important transition, we ensure that they are in a Home Group with at least one other friend or someone that they have met in our transition day the previous year.  In 2018 they will have the added support on their first day at High School being supported by Year 11 students who have been trained in Teen Mental Health First Aid and will be Peer Leaders in 2019.   Only Year 8 and Year 12 students and Peer Leaders will start school on Tuesday 29th  January 2019 

Personal Leadership

We have a proud 14 year partnership with Youth Opportunities. In Year 10, students are able to undertake this personal leadership course in which they develop the skills of positive communication and productive goal setting. The course runs one day a week for 10 weeks and there is a graduation at the end of the course.

Healthy Life Choices

The twenty first century offers many challenges for teenagers. Making conscious choices to look after their health and wellbeing are important decisions. Health is a compulsory subject in Years 8-10 and many activities in the Pathways program reinforce the positive life choices messages. Students in Year 10 Health complete a teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) course. They learn the teen MHFA Action Plan, designed to give students strategies to help a young person who is developing a mental health problem or is in a mental health crisis until appropriate professional treatment is received.



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