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Middle School

At Woodville High School we acknowledge that adolescence is a time where young people are growing towards independence, where they are establishing and testing boundaries. Adolescent values are influenced by families, school, the media, youth sub-cultures and peer groups. In the Middle School (years 8 & 9 at Woodville High School), we recognise adolescents need to:

  • adjust to some profound changes
  • physical, social, emotional and intellectual
  • grow towards independence (while still needing security in many personal relationships)
  • gain experience in decision making and in accepting responsibilities for these decisions

We know that young people need support to:

  • develop a positive self-confidence through achieving success in significant experiences
  • progressively develop a sense of who they are think about personal and social values which become a part of their lives experience social acceptance and gain
  • respect and support among peers of the same and opposite sex
  • think in ways which become progressively more abstract and reflective
  • become more aware of the social and political world around them, and gain skills in coping and interacting with the world
  • establish or maintain relationships with particular adults who can provide advice and act as role models.

Therefore, we provide an environment that: acknowledges the needs of students of this age range and their preferred learning styles promotes and celebrates success, enthusiasm, commitment and continuous improvement of students and teachers values collaborative learning, critical reflection and action research uses democratic decision making processes and communication channels to involve students, teachers and parents in the educational process extends beyond theclassroom to include other people, sites, experiences within local and global contexts.

All students in the Middle School are engaged successfully in a meaningful, broad and balanced curriculum. The school accepts its role for developing citizenship and constructive social interactions. The staff help students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings to:

  • pursue their individual interests and social rights, roles and responsibilities
  • pursue pathways to further education and employment
  • make positive contributions to society and help to develop more resourceful individuals who can adapt to a changing society

Year Level Student Voice

The Student Voice representatives meet in year levels to enable the discussing of year level relevant issues. Representatives from the Student voice year level meeting meet with all the year level team. The Student Voice Group act as guides on parent teacher night and have opportunity to attend a number of conferences for student leaders during the year. The Year 8 Student Voice representatives are also involved in the Open Night program and in supporting year 7-8 transition programs.

Middle School Information

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