Science at Woodville High School

SHIP Program

SHIP - Supporting students with high intellectual potential

The school optimises the learning of Students with High Intellectual Potential (SHIP). We aim to develop the whole person, while nurturing the talents and interests of individuals with special skills and abilities. 

This is achieved through:

  • Identifying and supporting SHIP students
  • Completing their Secondary school in four years rather than 5 if fully aaccelerated
  • Accelerating from Year 8 into Year 10, or hybrid acceleration into Year 10 English, Maths and Science while staying with peers for the rest of their Year 9 subjects
  • Learn higher order thinking skills
  • Linking with both Adelaide and Flinders University through their Headstart and Extension Studies Programs.

Students are selected using:

  • Information provided by Primary School teacher
  • Academic success across all subjects
  • Consideration of all achievement data related to academic achievement (PAT-M, PAT-R, NAPLAN and Semester 1 results)
  • Teacher recommendation via the Department for Education's 'Characteristics of a Gifted Learners' observation chart
  • Parent / Caregiver information

Strategies to extend students include:

  • A mentoring system to support students emotionally, socially and academically
  • Careful selection of Home Groups and subject learning groups
  • Grouping SHIP students in English, Mathematics, Science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Opportunity to be involved in the Special Interest Music Program
  • Staff trained in effective teaching and critical and creative thinking
  • Trip to Canberra for SHIP students in Year 8 to 11 where they learn about our national democratic, historical, cultural and sporting institutions
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