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Council of International Schools


Council of International Schools (CIS)

The CIS accreditation as a quality assurance process for our school community:

Woodville High School has a long commitment to improvement of educational provision for students in the local communities and those enrolled through the Special Interest Music Centre.


The road to accreditation:

One of the major improvement strategies over 2013 - 2015 was the work towards accreditation against the standards of the Council of International Schools. We achieved this accreditation in 2015.



The CIS accreditation was the culmination of extensive work and widespread consultation. In 2013, we hosted two visits by CIS teams. In the membership visit early in 2013, we were commended for the high level of preparation. Based on this readiness, the CIS advisors brought forward the Preliminary Visit which was conducted over a four-day period in October 2013. It is worthy of note that only one in five applicants for membership are successful.


What follows the accreditation?

Following our successful CIS accreditation in 2015, we are working on updating our accreditation documentation under the 9 new Domains of:

  1. Purpose and Direction
  2. Governance and Leadership and Ownership
  3. The Curriculum
  4. Teaching and Assessing for Learning
  5. The students’ learning and wellbeing
  6. Staffing
  7. Premises and physical Accommodation
  8. Community and Home partnerships
  9. Boarding and homestay and residential (which does not apply to the vast majority of our students).

Each subject area is working on improvement areas that they identified in the review process and their progress is reported to Curriculum Leaders meeting.  In addition, there are whole of school improvement processes that are addressed by working parties.  All groups report to the CIS Improvement Planning group.



For more information about the Council of International schools please contact our Head of Curriculum, Mr Neil Hendry on 8445.9833.

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