Science at Woodville High School


The Governing Council has considered and approved the compulsory materials and services charge (school fees)  student education courses at Woodville High School to be $450 for 2018.
Payments of material and services can be made by cash, EFTPOS, Visa of Mastercard. This can be done during fee paying days listed below or on the internet by clicking on the "Pay Invoice" icon at (top right hand corner). Arrangements to pay by instalments can be made by entering into a part payment contract with direct debit facilities available. A Direct Debit form is available from the school.
23/1/2018 Tuesday     between 8.30am  & 12.30pm
                                    between 1.30pm  &   3.00pm
24/01/2018                 between   9.30am  & 12.00pm
                                   between 12.30pm  &  3.30pm
                                   between   4.00pm  &  7.00pm
 A student identification card will be issued upon payment of the materials and services fee, entering into a contract of payment and first installment paid or completing a school card application.
No stationery pack will be issued so that we can keep the fees to the minimum. As a whole school community we don't charge for internet access or printing.
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