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School fees are set annually by the Woodville High School Governing Council and for 2019 the compulsory Materials and Services Charge is $460.00. Some courses and extra-curricular activities, including VET, sports, excursions, camps and instrument hire, attract additional fees during the year.

Full payment of the Materials & Services Charges is due May 31st 2019: unless

  • a School Card Applications has beed completed: or
  • a Students Fees Instalment Payments Agreement has been completed.


1. Payment of full fees by May 31st 2019

Credit / debit card payments can be made via the school website at Follow the links and instructions from "Pay Invoice" button on the top right of the home page and you will be able to use a card to make your payment securely online via BPoint portal.

Cash, cheque or credit card payments can be made at the school finance office or you can phone the school and pay via card.

2. Apply for the School Card Grant

The School Card Grant is an income-tested scheme to provide assistance to low to average income families for the payment of school fees. In terms of eligibility, school card assistance is based on whether the applicant's combined family gross income for the 2017 / 2018 financial year is within the school card income limits.

Eligibility income limits for a student attending a goverment school

Number of dependent children            Gross annual income limit                          Gross weekly income limit

              1 child                                                  $59,432                                                     $1,143

               2 children                                            $60,493                                                     $1,164

               3 children                                            $61,554                                                     $1,185

               4 children                                            $62,615                                                     $1,206

               5 children                                            $63,676                                                     $1,227

More than 5 children                            Add $1,061 for each dependent child        Add $21 for each depebdent child

School card eligibility does not automatically roll over year on year. Families seeking assistance are required to apply each school year. 

All application forms along with detailed information describing the application process (including how to apply online) can be accessed at Please complete the form appropriate to your situation.  If you need help completing the form, or choosing which form is right for your circumstances, contact the school or call the School Card section on 1800 672 758. Application forms will be also available from the school finance office.

3. Payment of fees by instalments

To pay by instalments parents are requested to complete the Student Fees Instalment Payments Agreement. This agreement is required for all student fees that will not be fully paid by May 31st 2019. All instalment payments schould be completed by October 1st 2019.

If you choose to have instalments automatically deducted from credit card or bank account you must complete the Direct Debit Request form and return the completed form to the school. Please allow 10 days from the date of returning your forms to the start of your first payment. This allows the agreement to be processed by our office and banking institution.

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