Science at Woodville High School

School Hours & Attendance

School hours at Woodville High School are as follows 8.40 am - 3.10 pm, except for Tuesday's when students finish at 2.20 pm.

CARE GROUP 8.40   -   8.55
LESSON 1 8.55   -   9.50
LESSON 2 9.50   -   10.45    
RECESS 10.45 -   11.05
LESSON 3 11.05 -   12.00
LESSON 4 12.00 -   12.50
LUNCH 12.50 -   1.30
LESSON 5 1.30   -   2.20
LESSON 6 2.20   -   3.10

Homework Club

Woodville High School host's  a Homework Club, Monday and Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.30pm.   In  partnership with The Smith Family the Learning Hub is open Thursday 3.15pm - 4.30pm,  Smith Family tutors work alongside Woodville High School staff to support students to complete their classwork and  homework.  This  provides a comfortable, supportive environment where students can access one to one assistance.

Consent forms for the Homework Club can be collected from the  Learning Hub.


The school uses a text messaging system to communication with parents / caregivers regarding their children's safety and attendance at school. For this system to work effectively parents / caregivers need to notify the school if they change they mobile phone number, so the records can be updated.


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