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School Uniform

It is expected that all students wear the full school uniform. 

The 2018 school year has started off really well with the majority of students looking good and taking pride in their school uniform.

The school has focused on white socks in the first four weeks and most students are now in white socks and black leather shoes which are  approved styles.

General requirements all year:
  • Only the Woodville High School backpack or plain navy or black backpacks, satchel or "postman pack" style bags.
  • No excessive jewellery or make-up.
  • Sports uniform and sports shoes are preferred option for PE lessons.
  • Black leather lace up shoes or T-Bar style , that are sturdy and supportive of growing feet.

A representative of Campus School & College Wear is at the school every Tuesday morning from 8.30am  -9.00am.


  • Plain navy shorts (no stripes or obvious logos) that must be no more than 4cm above the top of the knee.
  • Grey college trousers.
  • Navy trousers (including “Face Off” brand style trousers - also referred to as “bootleg” trousers).
  • Shorts and trousers to be accompanied by the school polo shirt or white collared cotton shirt.
  • Current summer dress with white socks. The dress must not be no more than 4cm above the top of the knee.
  • Plain navy or plain white head scarf.
  • Hats, while not a compulsory uniform item, if worn must be plain navy or plain white in either the baseball or bucket hat style without logos.


  • The knitted V neck jumper with the school logo is the norm.
  • A school blazer and tie (optional) to be worn with a white collared shirt and grey college trousers ,
  • Winter skirt and navy tights .
  • The school has a plain navy spray jacket with the school logo to provide extra warmth.
  • White collared cotton shirt or current school polo top to be worn underneath the knitted jumpe).
  • Grey college trousers.
  • Navy trousers(including “Face Off”brand style trousers - also referred to as "bootleg" trousers)
  • Skirts are to be no shorter than 4cm above the top of the knee.
  • White T-shirts are permitted to be worn under polo tops or white collared shirts.
  • Navy tights or knee high socks (not both).
  • Plain navy or plain white scarf (including head scarf).
  • No hats other than plain navy beanie with the school logo

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